You Now Have A Friend


For BamBam



BamBam was taken by the Angels into Heaven.
No doubt, with his love of motorbikes, he jumped on the back of
the Angel's Harley and they rode off together.

Thirteen years you've now been gone
And I wonder how I've carried on
When you left my days seemed so bleak
I was so upset I could hardy speak.

But speak I had to, life had to go on,
For I was here, and you were gone.
I know you didn't want to go,
If you had a choice you would have said no.

But God called your name and the Angels came,
And for me my life would never be the same.
Life for me has changed again,
Instead of sunshine, there's been lots of rain.

No longer is my Dad here where he should be,
The Angels came and he too left me.
I know he'd have stayed if he'd been able to,
But off he went and now he's with you.

Look after my Dad, like you always did here,
For the two of you, in my heart, I hold so dear.
I'll miss you forever, my soulmate, my friend,
And my love for you will never end.

Pebbles 2017


I miss you BamBam...MY BamBam, so very much.
Nobody has ever touched my life like you did.
Nobody has made me laugh like you did,
Nobody has made me feel so special like you did,
Nobody has every loved me like you did.
Yes...I've been loved...I still am loved
but it's not in that very special way...the way you knew how to love.
I often wonder how many people have ever been loved like I was..
I doubt it's that many. I feel so privileged to have been loved by you.

I often wonder who actually knew that I was your Pebbles from long ago.
Pebbles and BamBam...born for each other...but torn apart by
neither of us, nor anyone else...just a cruel twist of fate.
But, it was the way it had to be...we had to meet others...for your
children to be born...for our lives to be as it was written for us.

I often wonder what my life would have been without you. Tho we were
many miles apart for most of it, you were still in it, as you know. took the final rode out of life and into Heaven....and I
know that you are still riding...riding on the safest roads imaginable...on the
most beautiful and fastest bike ever...with the most beautiful scenery passing by.
And now you have a friend, my Dad, who also loved motorbikes, so I know
he will be riding pillion with you at times.

Ride well, my love...
I miss you soooo much!




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