One Wish From The Lord


If I could have one wish
From the Lord above
I'd wish I had you back again
My first and one true love

We found each other long ago
Just children out at play
But we knew right from the very start
Our hearts had joined that day


No longer were we two
Our hearts and souls were one
Always at each other's side
Each other's love we'd won


Sometimes life is cruel
And it was not meant to be
The time just wasn't right
For you to be with me


We spent our lives apart
Finding love with another
But that love was not the same
As what we felt for each other


Always looking, searching
Hoping to one day find
The one who was missing
From  each other's heart and mind


Then one day it happened
We found each other again
We looked, we touched
And our tears fell down like pouring rain


We promised we would never leave
That this would never end,
But now my heart is broken
And never will it mend


You didn't want to leave
That I know is true
But God called out your name
And an Angel came for you


Now once again I'm here
Living half a life
Until one day I'm called
And in Heaven will become your wife




Lyn Rennick (Pebbles)
Copyright July 2002 All rights reserved.
Believe in Second Chances!