He hides by day,
and searches by night.
The last known unicorn,
with the coat of angelic white.

It's almost as if he's magic,               
the possessor of powers unknown.
He keeps the hope of finding another,
but he is painfully alone.

Being seen by mankind,
would mean instant death.
Due to life's attained ignorance,
they would take his last breath.

He wants so badly to nuzzle,
close to someone safe and warm.
But this hope slowly fades,
as does night with the coming morn.

He remains forever brave,
and holds his head high.
Sometimes on a quiet night,
you can hear his mournful cry.

He will continue his search,
until his dying day.
The majestic and beautiful unicorn,
who is perfect in every way.


~ Anon ~



Copyright Pebbles' Spiritual Cave
All rights reserved.

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