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Pebbles is a fully qualified Reiki Master.

 Pebbles will send distant
Reiki to anyone who wishes
her to do so.

Please send an email to
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pleased to place you on
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* Pebbles wishes it to be
known that she was NOT
attuned or taught Reiki
by Tracey Wilding &
that all knowledge she has
acquired has come from
reliable sources not
only with her Reiki
but in other subjects.


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The following online
shops have a good
supply of Tarot
cards which are
cheaper than most places and also
offer free P&P for
those in the UK:



Free P&P in the UK


The Holistic Shop

Free P&P in the UK
Free P&P in the UK









To some people Tarot cards are just a simple deck of cards, decorated with pretty pictures and designs on them. To others Tarot cards are a useful divination tool. Some use Tarot for meditation and also for self-discovery but mostly they are to give readings to sitters regarding their past, present and future. The reader is assisted by his/her guide and spirit bring through the readings to the sitters.



Tarot cards are a deck of cards, 78 in total. These consist of 22 cards which belong to the Major Arcana (Arcana being the Latin word for secret). These cards represent woman's journey through life, from the Fool to the Universe/World to the Fool again. The Joker in playing cards is not numbered and has no permanent place, just as the Tarot's Fool does not. The cards depict the forces that affect human development, and shape our spiritual growth using archetypical figures and symbols.




Here are pictures of
the 22 Major Arcana
cards including
The Fool
who doesn't have
a number and is the
equivalent of the joker
in a normal deck of
playing cards.


The  Fool




  <--  The
 <--  High
<--  The
         The  -->

         The  -->


         The  --> 
  <--  The
 <--  Justice  <--  The
        The  -->
   Strength  -->         The   -->
  Hanged Man
  <-- Death <--Temperance   <-- The Devil
        The  -->


        The  -->
          The  -->
 <-- Judgement    <--  The



The other 56 cards make up the Minor Arcana. They form four suits of cards, just like you would have in an ordinary deck of cards but the Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds are replaced with Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles (sometimes called Coins). Each suit consists of cards numbered 1 (Ace) to 10, and then four court cards, Page, Knight, Queen and King. The Minor Arcana represents human conditions and situation.

Tarot cards have been linked to ancient Egypt, the wisdom of the Kabala, the French court, Roma, and many other places and people. There is evidence that Tarot cards were used in 14th century Italy, but most likely not as a divination tool. Most recently Tarot has become very popular due to the New Age movement.

Each of the four suits has its own characteristics, correspondences and energies which are influenced by Astrology and the four elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water as set out here:

Wands          =       Fire
Cup              =      Water
Swords         =       Air  
Pentacles     =      Earth



Many people these days seem to want to become involved with Tarot either by learning to read the cards themselves or by receiving readings. Lessons on how to read Tarot cards are even being given in night school classes. I have a friend who learned in this way himself. It is no longer thought to be 'the work of the devil' but is becoming highly respected.

Although some people believe Tarot has nothing to do with God, or spirits, they are wrong. It is spirit which plants the messages into the mind of the reader. Many people who start off by reading Tarot cards find that after a while they no longer need to look at the cards to 'see' what the message is...spirit gives them the message and they are able to relay this to the sitter. This is not to say that the reader does not get anything from the cards her/himself...they do. The reader learns what the colours on the cards mean, what different symbols mean...they DO learn to 'read' the cards...but spirit gives them the true meaning for each particular sitter.



Get out your deck and give it a good shuffle while concentrating on the cards. Once you feel the deck is well shuffled, it's time to ask it some questions. First, ask the deck what its personality is, and then draw a card out of the deck. Note down which card it is in a book. Next, ask it what it will teach you. Again, note the card and look up the meaning. Finally, ask it what your relationship will be, again noting down the card.

If any card happens to pop out while you are shuffling, that card will give you a good indication of what your deck's personality is. You can then skip over the first question and ask the other two.

Explore your cards. Take a good look at all the pictures. Make notes on any symbolism you don't understand. Make notes if any cards seem to speak to you.

Take any of the cards you are particularly drawn to, and examine it very well. Think about the emotions present, its mood, what you think the card might mean. You could even try making up a story about it. When you are done, look up the meaning and see how close you were. This is a useful exercise to help you get comfortable with all the cards, and is especially useful with cards that you might not like at first sight.


When you decide to buy yourself a Tarot deck, it is best to go to a store with a very large selection of Tarot decks. There are online stores selling Tarot cards but unless you actually know what these cards are like then it's best not to buy them. When you want to buy a deck you do not choose it...the deck chooses you! There are many different decks, all different colours and with different themes to them, Native American, Faeries, Dragons, Mystic...but it is the wrong thing to do to decide you want a certain deck and buy it. When you are in the shop run your eyes over the many different decks and 'feel' which one is reaching out to you...which one is calling you....you will be surprised to find that one will! That deck is the one you should buy.

There are many different people producing Tarot cards and they are not all good cards. The ones to look out for are ones that feature the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) symbolism. Some good choices for beginners are:


Standard RWS
Original Rider-Waite Pack
Universal Waite Tarot

and any of the Doreen Virtue decks available.

Be aware that there are a few other systems of Tarot symbolism that are available. These include the Thoth Tarot of Alistair Crowley and the decks based on it, the Tarot de Marseilles, the Grand Etteilla Tarot, and the Visconti Sforza Tarot. Most have Major Arcana cards similar to the RWS system (which is only natural, since the RWS system grew out of most of these decks), but they generally have non-pictorial Minor Arcana, different numbering of the Major Arcana, and have acquired slightly or significantly different meanings for many of the cards. When starting out with the Tarot I would suggest avoiding these systems, at least for now. However they are all very interesting, especially to students of magick or Thelema in the case of the Thoth and Etteilla decks, and students of history in the case of the other decks.

There are also RWS-inspired decks which diverge to some extent from traditional symbolism or meanings. These include feminist decks like Daughters of the Moon Tarot, Mother peace Tarot, and the Barbara Walker Tarot; as well as theme decks, like the Arthurian decks Hallow quest Tarot (also known as Arthurian Tarot) and The Legend Tarot, or the Ancient Egyptian inspired decks like The Ancient Egyptian Tarot and the shiny Nefertari's Tarots. These are all wonderful decks, but because of the changes in symbolism they can be more difficult to learn with.


All Tarot cards come with a booklet inside the box which gives the basic meaning for all the cards. It is a good idea, in the beginning, to look through the booklet and to get a basic idea as to what the cards mean, but then the booklet should be thrown away! Yes, that's right...throw it away! A booklet, or a book on Tarot reading cannot tell you  what to say in a reading...only by looking at the cards themselves can you know what the cards are really saying.

The best Tarot readers I have come across have NEVER used the booklet which has come with their cards or any other book! Intuition as well as the help of spirit guides is all you need to give somebody a good Tarot reading.

Just for the record...lol lol...the cards I use are The Mythic Tarot. Sometimes when I am doing a reading I will pull an Angel card and add this at the end of the reading. The Angel cards which I use are Doreen Virtue's Messages from your Angels.









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Here is a list of books which you may find interesting and beneficial to you. We hope you will enjoy them:


*   The Complete Guide
to theTarot



                  by Eden Gray


  *     Osho Zen Tarot:
    The Transcendental
           Game of Zen


by Osho & Ma Deva Padma


  *       Gilded Tarot

 by Ciro Marchetti
Barbara Moore

 Rider-Waite Learning
       To Read The Tarot


 by Morgan Ki'ilehua







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