She-wolf and woman are the same
Neither's spirit can man break nor tame ...
The beauty of she wolf's eyes and fur
Is woman not as beautiful as her?

Asehi, their spirits are kin
and their beauty lies within
Both see that their young survives
and both grieve when their mate dies

She wolf's duties she'll never neglect
as she guards her young and protects
Woman just as she wolf in the wild
nurtures and protects her child ...

Though woman walks cities and towns
forests are where she wolf is found
They are both aware of all around
and both bravely stand their ground

Though she wolf runs wild and free
Woman is also alpha in her society
They both share the same soul and heart
and their spirits are never far apart

She wolf and woman are of one spirit
should man but sense this when near it
Her spirit's been here since ancient time
and lives in your heart and mine ...

Barbara LaBarbera 2004

Used with her kind permission






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