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Pebbles is a fully qualified Reiki Master.

 Pebbles will send distant
Reiki to anyone who wishes
her to do so.

Please send an email to
Pebbles with your request
and she will be only too
pleased to place you on
her distant Reiki Healing list.

* Pebbles wishes it to be
known that she was NOT
attuned or taught Reiki
by Tracey Wilding &
that all knowledge she has
acquired has come from
reliable sources not
only with her Reiki
but in other subjects.


Mudra Set For
 Balancing Energy


This is a very easy way to balance your energy. It can be done almost anywhere, while standing, sitting, walking, lying down. The exercise uses Mudras which are hand positions.

The effect of this exercise is that you feel calmer and more relaxed and concentrated.

Let the tips of each of your fingers touch the tip of your thumb in turn. Keep each connected for a few seconds. See pics below.

Do this with both hands at the same time and carry on for a few minutes in total.

Thumb touches the tip of the index finder - this opens the Root Chakra and moves more energy to the lower body and legs:


Thumb touches the tip of the middle finger - this helps you with patience:

Thumb touches tip of your ring finger - creating energy, self-confidence and stability:


Thumb touches the tip of your little finger which helps with intuition and feeling:


There are some more Mudra exercises on here:

Mudra Exercises











Throughout its whole history, Qi Gong has been employed and developed as a method for curing illness and strengthening the body. Qi Gong's main therapeutic properties lie in its regulation of the activity of the cerebral cortex, the central nervous system and the cardio-vascular system, its effect in correcting abnormal reactions of the organism, massaging effect on the organs of the abdominal cavity, and its effect as a means of self-control over the physical functions of one's body.

As far as electro-encephalogram response is concerned, there is clear difference in such readings between practitioners and non-practitioners. An electro- encephalogram for a normal person in an ordinary waking state shows a great quantity of low amplitude, high frequency waves of about fifty micro-volts, with different regional brain waves showing poor synchronization. The brain waves of a Qi Gong practitioner, however, shows large frequency "A" waves of around eight hertz with amplitudes as high as 180 micro volts, as well as a tendency towards greater synchronization of regional brain waves. These characteristics are even more apparent in the frontal lobe and parietal lobe of the cerebrum. Moreover, the frontal lobe is the highest centre of the C.N.S., controlling mental activity. The longer one practices the better the synchronization of the "A" wave band, while the expansion of the low frequency wave band can greatly increase the functions of the cerebrum. (data courtesy of "Chinese Qi Gong: A Unique Fitness Art", a "Facts and Figures" booklet published in China.)



When one is practicing, the rate of respiration decreases while the duration of each breath increases. Such an increase in the period of inhalation and exhalation will enlarge the scope of the diaphragm's activity, causing a greater flow in the volume of air, increasing the practitioner's lung capacity. When one is practicing deep breathing, the breath often seems to stop, but actually becomes a series of micro- movements of the breathing muscles. Animal experiments have shown that the increased excitation of the C.N.S. when exhaling can spread to the parasympathetic nerve centre, while the increased excitation when inhaling can spread to the sympathetic nerve centre. This would suggest that through deliberate regulation of the respiration and deeper breathing one can promote the tendency to stabilize any functional imbalance of the autonomic nerve system.



When practicing sitting or lying Qi Gong it has been shown that the body's consumption of oxygen decreases by about thirty percent, the level of the metabolic rate also dropping by about twenty percent, which is accompanied by a drop in the respiration rate as already mentioned. This condition of lowered metabolism is an aid to reducing the patient's physical consumption of energy, allowing the gradual accumulation of energy, fostering the body's strength, and providing the basis for the body to combat and defeat illness.


    Self-Control and Bio-Feedback:

When Qi Gong and bio-feedback are combined, the aim of developing health through self-control becomes considerably easy to achieve. Bio-feedback is the monitoring of certain physiological functions (blood pressure, muscle tension, etc.) using electromyographic equipment, demo meters etc., and then allowing the patient to sense, visually or audibly, the fluctuations in signals. This enables patients to appreciate what is happening in the body and use their own will to try to control the fluctuations of his or her physiological functions, helping them to revert to normality and hence aiding in their treatment.

    Internal Massage:

It has been readily shown that abdominal breathing has the effect of massaging the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. This effect is even more marked when practicing the "stopping" or "reversed" breathing methods. During practice gastric secretion also increases, hence improving digestion. The range of the abdominal and diaphragmatic muscular activity may increase by up to three or four times, and the resulting periodic fluctuation of pressure in the abdomen will massage the stomach, intestines, liver, spleen and other internal organs. This will promote peristalsis in the stomach and intestines, reduce blood stasis in the abdominal cavity, and improve regulation of internal secretions, further helping to improve digestion and assimilation. As a result appetite is likely to improve, enabling patients to eat more, a great help in the process of treatment of many ailments.

     The Circulation System:

Blood vessel activity during practice depends on which form one is practicing. During the practice of "internal cultivation" and "relaxation and quiet" Qi Gong, blood vessels in the hands manifest expansion in over half of the subjects, this being more marked in the case of the latter style, whilst blood vessel contraction sometimes appears in practitioners of "standing pole" Qi Gong. In experienced practitioners, however, transition of the blood vessels remains relatively stable. In those who inhale longer than they exhale, an increase in cardiac output is registered, while a decrease is registered in those who exhale longer than they inhale. This is the result of the influence of the respiratory centre on the cardiac-vagal centre and heart rate. However, tests on practitioners of both "internal cultivation" and "relaxation and quiet" Qi Gong register a general drop in heart rate. A clear lowering of blood pressure also appears in those who persist in daily practice.

All in all, we can see that the most important effects of practice are that it lessens the intrusions of emotions, allowing the body to reach a state of high physiological and bio-chemical efficiency through greater relaxation and concentration. Furthermore, the relaxation, contemplation and breathing aspects of Qi Gong can enable the cerebral cortex to prepare to meet any urgent need, provide advantageous conditions for the organism's rest, recuperation and regulating functions, and through gradual adjustment reduce the overall consumption of energy and increase the body's ability to resist illness.



















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