One Of A Kind


Do you ever grow weary
of poems that are dreary?
For someone they pine,
but just seem to whine?


They write about the season
without any reason...
Even speak of the weather
as words are thrown together.


Writings of love
and things from above,
but what do they know?
Their words never show!


Poems barely thrive
with the words they contrive.
Meaning is lost in attempt to rhyme
and the meter doesn't even keep time!


Words placed by force
and usually a poor choice,
to save some time
and make a rhyme.


These writings make no impression
and oft lead to depression.
I'd rather just skip them
as I quickly scan and skim.


Maybe a new poem will grow,
something of the heart will glow?
So with book in hand, along I go
waiting for that poem to show.


I search not in vain contest
but only in heart's quest...
I know one day I'll find
a poem that is one of a kind!!


I search each page...
with heart, not as a sage.
It's my burning desire
to find verses that inspire!


Now its taken time...
and I couldn’t find
that poem, one of a kind
so I'm writing one of mine!


Poems are like friends I know
that give love without a great show!
Right from the very start,
poems are from the heart!


Now, no one can claim...
this poem one of theirs the same!
It is definitely "one of a kind"...
It is of my heart, and definitely mine!


~   Barbara LaBarbera   ~




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