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God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change; Courage To Change The Things I Can; And Wisdom To Know The Difference.



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Pebbles is a fully qualified Reiki Master.

 Pebbles will send distant
Reiki to anyone who wishes
her to do so.

Please send an email to
Pebbles with your request
and she will be only too
pleased to place you on
her distant Reiki Healing list.

* Pebbles wishes it to be
known that she was NOT
attuned or taught Reiki
by Tracey Wilding &
that all knowledge she has
acquired has come from
reliable sources not
only with her Reiki
but in other subjects.


You are walking along the beach and out on the sands where the tide has gone out you see a boat.

You walk over to the boat, and inside is food and water and blankets on a platform and its securely tethered to a buoy.

You climb in and settle down on the blankets, as you do you feel the boat lifted with the tide.

You feel calm and relaxed.

As the tide lifts the boat and makes it rock you hear dolphins playing and chattering around, calming you.

Laying back and looking up at the sky you see it is a violet blue colour, calming and inviting.

And in the far distance you see a bright light like a star shining, as you watch it gets closer and closer, no larger than it looked before but the brightness is most beautiful as it sends shafts of light out and illuminates the other colours from the sea and sky.

As the sea rocks you in the boat and the bright light shines above you, you feel nurtured as if in Mothers arms with your father looking over you.

It makes you feel small, but knowing with the love and nurturing from these two you can be guided to be able to help and nurture others. And change that which you can.

The white light touches you like a kiss on the head and you feel safe and at one with it.

Slowly the light sinks into your crown chakra and slowly you feel it working to balance and cleanse as it works down your body, the third eye and down to the throat, spending joy and harmony on it’s journey and if there is any pain or illness it pauses just long enough to pull the negativity from those areas.

Down to your heart chakra along your arms and on to your navel lower still to your sacral chakra and on to your base chakra, warmth and love spreading through you, down your legs to your feet washing the negativity and pain from your body. You are feeling refreshed and cleansed and loved.

The white light stays within for a while energizing and renewing yet calming and safe.

After a few minutes the light begins to leave you with an immense feeling of well being as the light retracts back up into the violet blue sky.

Once again you hear the dolphins chatter and peace is all around you.

Then you realize the boat has stopped rocking and the tide is going out once more.

You sit up and climb out of the boat and walk back up the beach, paddling through the ebbing tide, the small waves of the sea wash over your feet carrying you home and taking the last bit of negativity with it, out to sea. Back to mother nature.

The sun is shining and the warmth of it warms you.

The love and nurturing you felt in the boat stays with you, calmness and serenity are apart of you, and love is there for you to share.




For more Mudra exercises please take a look at the following page:

Mudra Exercises




Here are a few other Mantras which you may like to use other than that for Chakra balancing. Most are in Sanskrit, but there are some in English:

For Memory & Learning

The Saraswati mantra will improve your memory & concentration in learning:

"Saraswati namasthubhyam varade kamarupini vidhyarambam karishyami siddir bavathume sadha"

 To challenge a direction from ignorance to truth:

"Asato ma- sad gamaya
Tamaso ma- jyotir gamaya Mr.tyorma- amr.tam gamaya
Aum śa-nti śa-nti śa-ntih.

Aum sahanaavavatu
Sahanau bhunaktu Saha viiryan karavaavahai Tejasvi naavadhiitamastu Maa vidvishhaavahai


Here are some Sanskrit/English affirmations which you can also try:

"Om Mani Padme Hum
(Literally: "Aum to the
jewel in the lotus, hum".

This is recited to ease negative karma. It purifies the mind and the body.


"Tat Tuan Asmi "
(Literally: I am that I am)


"Shanti, Shanti, Shanti"  (Peace, peace, peace)











In Hinduism and Buddhism, a sacred syllable, word, or verse believed to possess mystical or spiritual power is called a Mantra.. Mantras may be spoken aloud or uttered in thought, and they may be either repeated or sounded only once.

Mantras are energy and so vibrate...and these vibrations can do many things. Most mantras have no verbal meaning, but they are significant and help us in our spiritual lives.

By repeating a mantra you can induce a trancelike state and this can lead you to a higher level of spiritual awareness.

You have probably heard of "Omming"...this is the most widely known mantra and when we speak of "Omming" we are not speaking about one particular sound but many but the Om sound is the most important of all mantras. All mantras usually begin and end with Om.

In the Bible (John 1:1) it says "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Modern Vedic philosophers have interpreted this teaching of the Bible, and equated Om with God.

We can use "Omming" for helping us to balance and open our Chakras...but we do not use just the "Om" sound...we use 7 different sounds.


A ‘Mudra’ is performed by pressing a finger onto another in a particular way.  Just as we have Acupuncture Therapy we also have Acupressure Therapy which does not use needles, but just uses the pressure from our own fingers.

Acupressure Therapy states that the key to our health is in our hands and that a particular kind of energy is continuously transmitted from them. It is believed that there is a chakra in the centre of the palm which emits an electro-magnetic ray.

Most of us have experienced that whenever we rub our hands together, it generates heat. If one adds the power of mind and love, the results can be dramatic.

Like the Universe the human body is made up of 5 elements. In the case of the hand:

Index Finger:
Middle Finger:
Ring Finger:
Little Finger:


The proper study of Mudras helps us to control the 5 elements. These Mudras can create energy waves in our body which help to bring the 5 elements into a proper balance. These then cure many diseases, be they physical, mental and/or spiritual. Achaarya Keshav Deo states: "If a human body is a machine, the mudras are the controlling switches of this machine". Different Mudras are performed for different purposes.

When we use Mantras ("Omming" sounds) to help open our chakras it is very beneficial to use Mudras at the same time. Each chakra has it's own Mudra which helps the "Om" sound vibrate more easily.


When chanted, these sounds cause a resonation in your body that you should be able to feel at the chakra they are meant for.  The best position for you to sit in when using these Mudras is cross-legged on the floor but it is not absolutely vital.



For pronunciation please bear in mind that:

     the "A" is pronounced as in "ah"
     the "M" is pronounced as "Mng".

Do a meditation for 7 - 10 breaths and chant the sound 3 or 4 times for each breath.




  Let the tips of your thumb and index finger touch and concentrate on the Root Chakra which is at the base of the spine and chant the sound LAM.



  Put your hands in your lap with your palms upwards, on top of each other with your left hand underneath, its palm touching the back of the fingers of the right hand. The tips of the thumbs touching gently.

Concentrate on the Sacral Chakra, 3 fingers width below the navel and chant the sound VAM.



  Put your hands between your heart and your stomach, the Solar Plexus area and let the fingers join at the tops, all pointing away from you. Cross your thumbs. It is important to straighten the fingers. Concentrate on the Solar Plexus area and chant the sound RAM.



  Place the fingers of each hand in the same position, with the tips of your index finger and thumb touching. Now place your left hand on your left knee and your right hand in front of the lower part of  your breast bone (a little bit above the Solar Plexus). Concentrate on the Heart Chakra and chant the sound YAM.



  Cross your fingers on the inside of your hands, without the thumbs. Let the thumbs touch at the tops and pull them slightly upwards. Concentrate on the Throat Chakra at the base of the throat and chant the sound HAM.


  Put your hands in front of the lower part of your breast. Place the middle fingers straight and let them touch at the tops, pointing forward. The other fingers are bent and touch at the upper two phalanges. The thumbs point towards you and touch at the tops. Concentrate on the Third Eye Chakra slightly above the point between your eyebrows and chant the sound OM. It is pronounced "Aum".




  Put your hands in front of your stomach and let the ring fingers point upwards, touching at their tips. Cross the rest of your fingers, with the left thumb underneath the right. Concentrate on the Crown Chakra at the top of your head and chant the sound NG.



Do not use this meditation for the Crown Chakra while you don't have a strong Root Chakra.

When opening the Chakras they should always be opened from Root to Crown but if you are just going to open one or two, always make sure you do the Root first.










As With All Complementary Therapies, None Of the Treatments/Therapies
Listed On This Website Are Meant To Be  A Substitute For Proper Medical Diagnosis,
Treatment Or Care From Your GP.
If You Are Taking Medication Prescribed By Your GP, Do Not Stop Taking It If You Decide
To Take A Complimentary Approach With Your Health.
The Owner Of This Site Takes No Responsibility To Treat Yourself Using
Any Information Described In This Website.
Please Also Note That A "Good" Reiki Practitioner Will Always Advise You to Seek
Medical Help From Your GP If She/He Finds A Health Issue Which Is Not Already
Being Treated By The Patient's GP.




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