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God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change; Courage To Change The Things I Can; And Wisdom To Know The Difference.



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There are basic meanings to all cards. Whether you go by the books when doing a Tarot reading or you allow your own instinct or spirit guides to help you to see what is in the cards, the basic meanings can help.  Although I never use a book when doing a reading I do, however, go 'back to basics' on occasions and take what I know to be the basic meaning of each card before doing a reading, then I look at the cards and see if that is what I am seeing myself.  Sometimes I find what I 'feel' or what I know my guides are telling me, is the complete opposite to what the basic meaning of a card is. But, I always go with my 'gut feeling'. You must always go with what you feel to be right.

Everybody reads the cards differently. There are specific 'spreads' that can be used to lay your cards out, or you an just pull cards from the deck yourself. Again, I tend to do the latter and I 'feel' which cards I should pull. I know which ones are to be taken out for the sitter. Sometimes I may ask the sitter to choose their own cards by asking me to stop whilst I flick through them. I always go with what I feel is the right way for the card to be chosen for each sitter.





0 The Fool

New beginnings, enthusiasm, optimism, spontaneity, no worries or fears, carefree, restlessness, folly.

1 The Magician

Focusing on achieving a goal, commitment, purpose, awareness of choices, using personal skills (organising, communicating), manipulative, cleverness.

2 The Priestess

Good judgement, inner wisdom, intuition, receptivity, self-reliance, thinking, retreat.

3 The Empress Motherhood, nurturing, fruitfulness, productive, abundance, self-indulgence, creative.
4 The Emperor Fatherhood, leadership, authority, planning, stability, ambition, confidence, decision-making, vision.
5 The Hierophant Teacher, advisor, guidance, ethics, conformity, loyalty, morality, spirituality, tradition.
6 The Lovers Relationship, combining elements of head and heart, partnership, responsibility, choices, free will.
7 The Chariot Self-control, discipline, sense of direction, making progress, tension, victory, struggle.
8 Strength Endurance, conquering fear and obstacles, courage, abundance of energy, gentle persuasion, love and passion.
9 The Hermit Solitude, withdrawal, inner searching, patience, observance, prudence, silence.
10 The Wheel
of Fortune
Cycles, turning points, shift of fortune, chances in circumstances, karma.
11 Justice Balance, decisions, fairness, equality, legal situations, objectivity, harmony, mediation.
12 The Hanged
Sacrifice, stagnation, loneliness, suspended action, waiting, stalemate.
13 Death Renewal, transformation, discarding old patterns or restrictive patterns, liberation, potential for new growth.
14 Temperance Compromise, compatibility, creating harmony, blending your personal needs with your responsibilities, bringing together opposites.
15 The Devil Ignorance, inner limitations, self-importance, obsession, temptation, bondage, trapped, gullibility, taking advantage of others.
16 The Tower Radical changes, unexpected change or shock, mental breakdown, damage, break-up of habits and structures, erupting emotions.
17 The Star  Hope, insight and truth, healing, serenity, cleansing, regeneration, inspiration.
18 The Moon Illusion, mood, disillusionment, depression, fluctuation, feeling alone, confusion, instability, swamped with feelings and emotions.
19 The Sun Joy, optimism, confidence, happiness, enthusiasm, clarity, enlightenment, creativity and personal growth, full of energy, good health.
20 Judgement Self-evaluation, a review of past actions, repentance, apology, atonement, coming to a crossroads, apology, forgiveness, guilt.
21 The World Arrival, the end of a cycle, living comfortably, achievement, success, aware of your limitations, contentment.





By using the suit name links
you can see each suit of cards

 ACE Falling in love, birth, marriage, overflowing
emotions, emotional beginnings, beginning new relationships.
New ideas, burst of energy, inspiration, motivation, desire for self-growth. New ways of thinking, mental focus, truth and
justice emerging,
fresh plans and
Potential for prosperity & security, ideas put into motion, business or work opportunities, new project, a windfall.
2 A loving union,  mutual respect and benefit,
attraction, marriage, reconciliation,
Opportunities, choices, creative expression, control over situations,travel, thoughts of making a commitment. Uncertainty, conflict of ideas,  blocked
emotions,  stalemate,
objectivity, equilibrium.
Juggling of resources,  flexibility, fluctuations, diversifying, careful management;
3 Friendship, happy occasions, bonding, celebrations, family gatherings. Established, planning, creative vision and overview, foresight, direction Sorrow, separation, pain, heartache, feeling hurt, self-pity, argument. Creative skills and abilities, foundations laid, details, teamwork,
4 Discontent, apathy, boredom, loneliness, taking time out,
unsatisfactory relationship, refusing or ignoring gifts or opportunities.
Completion of an enterprise, business
meetings, contract,
harvest, appraisal,
homecoming, achievement,
Rest and recovery, a need for healing,
solitude, retreat,
respite, working out a problem, seeking advice.
Possessiveness, control, hoarding,
selfishness, greed,
5 Disappointment, grief, loss, sadness, a need to move on, learning from mistakes and experiences, regrets. Confronting obstacles, strife, struggle, arguments, contest, interaction, conflict. Hollow victory, being unethical or unfair, stubborn, no-win situation, abuse, humiliation. Loss of job, home or security, hardship,
financial difficulties,
alienated, excluded,
6 Memories,  living in the past, nostalgia, longing, friendship, seeking solace, meeting long-lost relatives or friends. Self-confidence, leadership, popularity, likes to take charge, pursuing a goal and close to reaching it, fulfilling expectations. Moving away from strife, seeking new horizons or a fresh start, a journey,
solving problems,
transition, becoming
Charity, give and take, sharing resources or
receiving support, pay-back, assistance,
7 Fantasies, imagination,
illusions, dreams, indecision.
Courage, rivalry,
integrity, willpower, determination, likes to prove a point.


Dishonest, stealth,
sneaking away, set-up, a need to avoid
confrontation, likes to sneak away from situations, disarming
Patience, stagnation or
slow progress, difficult choice, evaluation of
results, commitment,
new opportunities, at a crossroads.
8 Moving on, giving up hope, moving on, withdrawal, letting go,
emotionally insecure, fading, soul-searching,
interests, no sense of purpose or direction.
Rapid growth and development, travel, adventure, life in the fast lane, excitement, many activities, success ahead. Restrictions,  feeling fenced in, blocked
energy, mental
obstructions, waiting for others to act or for situations to resolve them- selves.
Productivity, results, routine, repetition,
quality control, self-discipline, persistence,
consistency, workman-ship.
9 Pleasure, a wish has come true, well being, entertainment,  emotional satisfaction and fulfilment, happiness. Dedication,  learning from experience, protection, using
reserves,  endurance, defensiveness, discipline.
Anxiety, worries, depression, doubt,
imagining the worst, mental torments,
suffering, guilt.
Achievement, luxuries,
physical well-being, leisure & enjoyment of
what has been gained,material reward, harvest.
10 Wholeness and  completion, harmony, contentment, family life, joy, contentment,
Burdens, obstacles, struggle, injustice, responsibilities, hard work, disillusionment,
encumbered, obstacles.
Resignation, ending,clean break, crisis
point, sacrifice, new beginnings, rock bottom.
Prosperity and wealth, legacies, inheritance,
family traditions, family home/
wisdom, institutions.
PAGE New emotional beginnings, a dreamer, need to put fantasy into reality, sensitivity, inner images, intuition. Seizing opportunities, trying anything, fresh initiatives, enjoying being busy, plenty of scope, optimistic, swap and change. New mental activity, impulsive, mental restless, chances, rashness, jumping to conclusions. New tasks, activity or new job, eagerness,
enthusiasm, new or increased responsibility.
KNIGHT Idealistic, unrealistic, jealousy, sentimental, romantic, moody,
conflicting feelings, emotional, following your dreams.
Impatient, speaks first & thinks later, loves action & excitement,
over confident, bad listener, tendency to
rush, opportunity to progress & avoid stagnation, energetic.
High mental activity with a tendency to quarrel, harsh words, verbal
aggression, mistrust,
aloofness, conflict,
anger, hot-headed.
Hard working, cautious, committed to security with little vision for the future, perseverance, orderly, patience, upholding
standards, reliable.
QUEEN Emotional sensitivity and harmony, psychic abilities, empathic and
understanding, muse, nurturing.

spontaneity, temper,
generosity, creative,
passions and desires,
inspirational, extrovert.


Intelligent, self-reliant, representing others, professional, sharp witted, well-spoken, vindictive, fair, critical.


In tune with nature & life, warm-hearted,
cheerful, introverted, enjoys sharing, mother, homemaker, enjoyment of accomplishments & material possessions,
KING Ruled by  feelings, in
charge of feelings and emotions, decisions are made based on feelings and intuition,  nurturing of a new relationship,
Creative, a gambler,
domineering, taking
chances, enthusiastic,
determined to succeed.
Mature mental and intellectual capacity,
hunger after power, ideals and insights,
cold, analytical, well researched plans & proposals, lack of feelings & intuition.
Realistic, prudent, conservative, feels
responsible for others, trustworthy, enjoys earth's & life's riches,
sometimes inflexible, experienced, practical skills.









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