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I do not go where they laid him to rest
Not because I was an unwanted guest
But because I know that he's not there
His ashes were buried, his spirit's elsewhere.

I feel him in the winds that blow
In gentle showers or falling snow
In the rays of sunshine upon my face
Just like his fingers he used to trace.

A gentle touch upon my cheek
I know it's him and I go all weak
He lets me know all the time he's here
And kisses away each falling tear.

My Soulmate said he'd never leave
This was something I had to believe
He kept his promise, that was his way
For I feel him with me every day.


I'm never alone, wherever I am,
He's always with me, my sweet BamBam
He guides me now, though his body's gone
His spirit is with me and drives me on.

I thought I'd die when he went away
I dreaded the thought of each new day
Now life's not so bad, I can cope with the pain
I know he waiting and one day we'll be
  together again.

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