When I was just a little tot,
I woke one frosty night,

And warm and cosy, from my bed,
I saw a darting light.

It streaked across the darkened sky,
and danced around the Moon;

Chased the stars, and rode the breeze,
and then flew in my room.

Up and down, it dashed about,
then capered side to side.

A shiny golden moonbeam,
with a Unicorn astride.

A tiny baby unicorn,
he tossed his flying mane;

And pranced along the glowing arc,
then back and forth again.

He shook the stardust from his tail,
and lit the winter's gloom

With sparkling shards of silver,
which floated round the room.

I gazed in fascination,
at the glittering display;

Laughed out loud, and clapped my hands,
and called to him to play.

Twinkling hooves, and golden horn.
Plump and glossy white;

Brimming with a love of life,
he warmed the bitter night.

Then all at once the moonbeam sped out into the sky;
I hurried to the window,
to wave and say goodbye.

I sadly wished a fond farewell to Little Unicorn.
He lowered his head, and flicked his tail,
and rode towards the dawn.

At the first rays of the sun,
he faded from my sight.

But I'll remember all my days,
the Magic of that night.




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