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God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change; Courage To Change The Things I Can; And Wisdom To Know The Difference.



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Spiritual Quotes

From within or from behind,
a light shines through us
upon things, and makes us
aware that we are nothing,
but the light is all.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


I feel that it is vital that
we all re-open our spiritual
gifts and open up to the
voice of the Divine.

Doreen Virtue


There is a discipline,
a spiritual code that you
should adhere to, that you
do not hurt anyone in any
way shape or form either
mentally or physically.

Derek Acorah


Through awareness, you get
a certain attitude.
That's the way, you see,
to achieve more peaceful,
more compassion,
more friendship
through that way.

14th Dalai Lama


The more you have,
the more you are occupied,
the less you give.

Mother Teresa


The less you open your
heart to others,
the more your heart suffers.

Deepak Chopra


When you believe you live
in a friendly universe,
then you're believing that
the universe - or God, soul,
spirit, the source, or
whatever you want to call it
is something that is going to
support you rather than
work against you.

Dr. Wayne Dyer


Death has no power to
separate those whom love
has joined together and
made them one in spirit.

Silver Birch


The sage seeks freedom from
desire. He does not collect
precious things. He learns not
to hold on to ideas.
He brings men back to
what they have lost.

Lao Tzu
(Founder of Taoism)







Pebbles is a fully qualified Reiki Master.

 Pebbles will send distant
Reiki to anyone who wishes
her to do so.

Please send an email to
Pebbles with your request
and she will be only too
pleased to place you on
her distant Reiki Healing list.

* Pebbles wishes it to be
known that she was NOT
attuned or taught Reiki
by Tracey Wilding &
that all knowledge she has
acquired has come from
reliable sources not
only with her Reiki
but in other subjects.



Geopathic Stress
Electromagnetic Smog


What Is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress is natural radiation that rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The wavelengths of the natural radiation disturbed in this way become harmful to living organisms.

Electropathological energy created by modern technology can also contribute to geopathic stress in the form of high and low frequency energy from telecommunication towers, electricity pylons, transformers, radar and radio towers.

Hartmann Grids

Hartmann Grids were discovered in 1950 by a German medical doctor, Ernst Hartmann. The lines form a grid around the earth, running north to south and east to west, and extend to a height of 60 - 600 feet. The north-south lines appear approximately every 6 feet 6 inches and the east-west lines appear approximately every 8 feet 2 inches. According to Dr. Hartmann, the worst place that a person can sleep or work is over a Hartmann knot, where two Hartmann lines cross, as harmful radiation is intensified at this juncture.

Geopathic Zones have a range of influence from 2 to 200 feet, and reach a height of 600 to 30,000 feet. Their direction is random and may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. When natural radiation rises through the earth, its wavelength becomes distorted. These distorted fields of radiation are harmful to living organisms, and produce the geopathic zones. It is not uncommon to find them parallel to, or imposed upon the 'Hartmann Grids'. Geopathic zones can also be man-made. These would include electromagnetic fields that emanate from such structures as high tension, or satellite towers, electrical street poles, or fuse boxes.

Evidence Connecting Geopathic Stress To Illness

Geopathic stress has been found to be the common factor in many serious and minor illnesses and psychological conditions, especially those conditions in which the immune system is severely compromised. The major issue is an increased risk of cancer. While geopathic stress does not directly cause cancer, it weakens the body and makes it much more likely to acquire cancer. Studies have shown that over 85% of patients who die from cancer had regular exposure to geopathic stress.


The late Dr. Hans Nieper, M.D., stated that 92% of all his cancer patients   and 75% of his MS patients are geopathically stressed. Dr. Nieper was a world-renowned cancer and MS specialist and operated one of the largest MS practices in the world, located in Germany


Von Pohl proved to the Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin, almost 60 years ago, that one was unlikely to get cancer unless one spent some time in geopathically stressed places (mainly when sleeping).

Dr. Hager, M.D., found Geopathic Stress was present in all 5,348 cancer cases investigated.

The German physicist Robert Endros studied this question with Professor KE Lotz of the School of Architecture of Biberach (West Germany). Their analysis of 400 deaths due to cancer revealed that 383 cases were related to dwelling - over geological faults, underground waterveins and disturbances of the natural geomagnetic field.

Other potential problems of geopathic stress includes cardiovascular deficiency, attention deficit disorder, immune deficiency disorders, and chronic fatigue. Some lesser effects of influence are chronic body pains, headaches, sudden signs of physical aging, irritability, and restless sleep. It is also a common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages, learning difficulties, behavioural problems and neurological disabilities in children. When the home or work place of the affected person is neutralized, the geopathic stress conditions resolve themselves and the body begins to heal.

Geopathic Stress & Sleep

Sleeping in a geopathic stress fault is particularly stressful. During sleep your brain is supposed to rest half the time and is busy healing your body the other half. However, if you are exposed to geopathic stress during sleep your brain never receives the full rest it requires to repair and regenerate due to the geopathic stress. To have optimal health it is important to make certain you are not sleeping on one of the geopathic stress faults, which will be discussed later.

Physical Indicators Of Geopathic Stress

There are physical indications of geopathic stress such as cats, as they actually seek out sleeping over geopathic stress areas, owls snakes, high infestations of slugs and snails, insects, parasites, bacteria, viruses, ants and termites nests, wasp nests and bees all like geopathic stress lines. Most mammals avoid geopathic stress. Horses and cows stabled over geopathic stress may become sick or injury prone.

Geopathic stress can cause lightning to strike trees, produce dead or stunted gaps in hedges and avenues of trees, non-productive fruit trees, tree cankers and twisted growth in trees. Fruit trees are the most sensitive; oaks (like to grow near underground water hence their attractiveness to lightning strike), redwoods, and ash are most resilient; and elders are attracted to geopathic stress.

Bare patches in lawns, moss and fungi, stunted or mutated growth in veggie gardens particularly lie (or fall) on edge lines of geopathic stress. Ivy, bindweed, nettles, dock thistles, foxgloves, ferns and nightshades are attracted to and thrive in geopathic stress.

Animals and very young children have not lost their instinct to feel if a place is healthy or not. In the morning one can often see children cramped into one side of their beds. Oriented differently from when they were tucked in. It is wise to determine then if the bed is well positioned.

Animals in pastures will avoid a geopathic zone to the extent that one could follow their paths by looking at the area that has been grazed. Through out history, animals have constituted the economical base of rural properties and the greatest care has been taken to build healthy shelters for them. We see very few old farm buildings built on a geopathic fault.

The conjunction of high power lines, underground water streams and H grid crossing should be considered as extreme perturbation of the ambient field. It should be essential to have a correct positioning of beds in places where people have a diminished resistance and health, such as hospitals. According to the Institute of Geobiology of Lausanne (Switzerland) 30% of the patients studied showed signs of improvement after having their beds shifted from active zones.

According to B. Merz (Institute of Geobiology of Chardonne, Lausanne in Switzerland) just as a place can make us prone to disease or depression, another can lift us to more subtle levels of vibration, strengthening our body and spirit. Such places were sought-after throughout history and held as sacred. Some are natural wonders like Ayers Rock (the Aborigines have long known this), the Grand Canyon, the Matterhorn and countless other places on this planet which inspire the millions of modern pilgrims we call tourists. Other strong areas of geopathic stresses are man-made poles of attraction built on powerful sites by architects or priests obeying a sacred tradition, like the pyramids of Egypt, the statues of Easter Island or many Gothic cathedrals.

Detection of Geopathic Stress

Investigators have tried many different instruments such as geomagnetometers (some very expensive), but none have proved as consistently reliable, accurate or as quick as a human dowser. Most scientists measuring geopathic stress with instruments will take a dowser along to locate the radiation initially.

The ancient art of dowsing has been misunderstood and condemned throughout history, mainly because it could not be explained how, by dowsing, one could find out in great detail about people and places. Now dowsing is accepted and practiced by more and more people, including medical practitioners. And so it can be beneficial in many ways:


Dowsing for water has been the most accepted way of dowsing for     thousands of years.

Dowsing for health enables medical practitioners to determine and locate illnesses and select the most suitable form of treatment and remedy quickly.

Dowsing areas for Geopathic Stress can be learned in a matter of minutes using two 2-foot pieces of 4 gauge copper wire. Many who did not even believe in dowsing or Geopathic Stress found to their astonishment that they could dowse immediately. Unfortunately learning how to dowse generally requires having someone previously trained and capable of dowsing. Not everyone is able to dowse, due to their body imbalances.


What is Electromagnetic Smog?

You purify your water with a water purifier, you purify your air with an air purifier/ioniser, you eat pure organic food and you clean your home with non-toxic cleaning supplies...but do you purify your energy environment? MY WHAT? Your energy environment, the energy you and your family spend day and night in. Because you cannot see your energy environment  that does not mean it does not exist. It does, and it affects you and your family's health more than you know.

Electromagnetic Smog is far different from Geopathic Stress. Where Geopathic  comes from the earth itself, it is ourselves who create Electromagnetic Smog by using every day household appliances...it is the environment pollution caused by anything which is plugged in or needs a battery to work. That means your refrigerator, your freezer, computer,  alarm clock,  ipod, your wireless router, DVD player, your TV, your cordless phone, your alarm clock, your hair dryer...even an air purifier/ioniser which you may use to clean your air and make it safer! The worst areas for Electromagnetic Smog are those where mobile (cell) phone masts are in situ. This is the reason why so many of us have learned to have a quartz crystal close to or on our TV's and computers. When you look at the crystal after a while you will see that it has changed colour...it gets smoky looking and this is one of the few ways of seeing Electromagnetic Smog.

What does EMS do to the body? In a nut shell, it radiates it. Which is why the World Health Organization (WHO), has now classified it as a Class B Carcinogenic, in other words, a substance that causes cancer.
What makes it so dangerous is the fact that we cannot see it.

There are many products on the market which can neutralise the radiation and make your surroundings far safer for you to live in.

Crystals can also help with other appliances as well as TV's and computers, as you can see here:

AMAZONITE - This blue green crystal, common in the United States, Russia, Canada, Brazil, India, Mozambique, Namibia, and Austria, offers a filtering action. It absorbs microwaves as well as mobile (cell) phone emanations. It can be used simply taped to a cell phone.

AVENTURINE - An opaque stone found in blue, green, red, brown, and peach colour, aventurine is readily available and most commonly found in Italy, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Tibet, and Nepal. This crystal diffuses negative situations and absorbs electromagnetic smog, making it very useful as a beaded mobile (cell) phone charm.

IRON PYRITE - Readily available and found in Britain, North America, Chile, and Peru. Iron Pyrite is also known as Fools Gold. Blocking out negative energy and pollutants at all levels, this stone is an excellent energy shield.

JASPER - Common worldwide, this stone can be red, brown, yellow, green, blue, or purple. Jasper absorbs negative energy and is a cleansing and balancing stone. Not only is jasper reputed to clear electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation, it can also aid in dowsing. Brown jasper is particularly useful to this effect.

KUNZITE - Becoming more readily available, this pink, green, yellow, lilac or clear crystal is found in the United States, Madagascar, Brazil, Myanmar, and Afghanistan. Kunzite is a protective stone and dispels negativity. Kunzite contains lithium. Yellow kunzite helps with deflecting radiation and microwaves and can clear environmental smog.

LEPIDOLITE - Easily obtained and found in the United States, Czech Republic, Brazil, Madagascar, and the Dominican Republic, lepidolite is generally purple or pink. This stone in mica form is especially useful for clearing electromagnetic pollution and is well placed on computers to clear the energy. It is also known for enhancing the generation of negative ions. These and other qualities can make it useful for clearing cell phone pollution as well.

TOURMALINE - Relatively easily found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Africa, the United States, Western Australia, Afghanistan, and Italy, tourmaline can be black, brown, green, pink, red, yellow, blue, watermelon, or blue-green in colour. It is known as a cleansing and purifying crystal. Black tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is said to protect against mobile (cell) phones, electromagnetic smog, and other negative energies. It is best when placed between your body and the source of electromagnetic energy.











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