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God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change; Courage To Change The Things I Can; And Wisdom To Know The Difference.



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Pebbles is a fully qualified Reiki Master.

 Pebbles will send distant
Reiki to anyone who wishes
her to do so.

Please send an email to
Pebbles with your request
and she will be only too
pleased to place you on
her distant Reiki Healing list.

* Pebbles wishes it to be
known that she was NOT
attuned or taught Reiki
by Tracey Wilding &
that all knowledge she has
acquired has come from
reliable sources not
only with her Reiki
but in other subjects.



Crystal Chakra Sets


One of the best ways of
balancing your Chakras
is by using crystals.

Pocket-size crystal
Chakra sets are available
through this website.

These are small crystals
housed in a purple organza
drawstring bag

Please send an email
to one of the admin staff
for details on how to









Crystals need to be dedicated and programmed to the purpose for which you use them. Dedicate and programme new crystals as soon as you have cleansed them. This is to store an energy pattern into a crystal.

The energy pattern programmed into the crystal can be any thought, colour, emotion, sound, or any other vibrations. This is stored in the crystal until you purposefully clear it out.

There are a few different ways of programming crystals and you must use which you find is best for you. What suits one person doesn’t suit another.

This is one way:

Go to a quite place where you would not be disturbed.

Hold the crystal in your dominant hand (right hand if you are right-handed, left if you are left-handed).

Clear your mind of any thoughts not related to what you are doing and start to focus on your intention for the programming of your crystal.

Now picture light surrounding it. If you find it difficult to visualise then holding the crystal in front of a light source suffices.

You then say out loud:



“I dedicate this crystal to the highest good of all.
May it be used in light and in love”.

Now to program your crystal, let yourself be open to higher guidance.

Consider the purpose for which you wish to use it. Be specific. If you want to attract love, describe exactly what kind of love you are looking for.

If you are seeking healing, say precisely for which condition and what you want to happen.

When you have formulated your program, attune to the crystal. Ensure that this is exactly the right crystal for the purpose.

When you are totally in tune , say out loud:


“ I program this crystal for ..(and then add your purpose)”.

Now repeat this into your non-dominant hand, speaking out loud as you just did and place that hand over your crystal to push the vibrations into it.

Continue holding the crystal and repeating your intention until you feel as though the vibrations has sunk into it.

As with a lot of aspects of crystal healing, intuition plays a big part and you need to use your intuition to know when your crystal is programmed.

When you feel or sense that the crystal has been programmed open your hands and thank the crystal.

The crystal is now programmed.

Then put the crystal in a place where you will see it frequently or keep it in your pocket. Putting it under your pillow at night is a good idea as well. Let the crystal pick up your vibrations as much as you can.





Crystals can also be programmed with Reiki by 'charging them'. This is one way of using Reiki to programme them:

Obviously, you must be attuned to Reiki before you can use this method.

Take your  crystal between the palms of your hands and start the flow of Reiki. Intend the Reiki energy to amplify, heal and cleanse all areas of the crystal and its energies. Intend that the crystal will now have the healing energies of Reiki so it can help you in your healing, or for whatever purpose the crystal naturally has.  All the Reiki energy to flow until it naturally shuts itself down.









As With All Complementary Therapies, None Of the Treatments/Therapies
Listed On This Website Are Meant To Be  A Substitute For Proper Medical Diagnosis,
Treatment Or Care From Your GP.
If You Are Taking Medication Prescribed By Your GP, Do Not Stop Taking It If You Decide
To Take A Complimentary Approach With Your Health.
The Owner Of This Site Takes No Responsibility To Treat Yourself Using
Any Information Described In This Website.
Please Also Note That A "Good" Reiki Practitioner Will Always Advise You to Seek
Medical Help From Your GP If She/He Finds A Health Issue Which Is Not Already
Being Treated By The Patient's GP.




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Here is a list of books which you may find interesting and beneficial to you. We hope you will enjoy them:

  The Crystal Bible


                  by Judy Hall


*  Crystal Healing

by Judy Hall


*   Healing Crystals

 by Michael Gienger


  *   Crystals & Crystal


 by Simon Lilly



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