Born to mountains on high
his spirit walked clouds in the sky
As a strong brave young boy
to all, he brought happiness and joy

But as time and fate would be
men came from across the sea
Cloud Walker held the land in great trust
but it was soon taken in greed and lust

So many were the white man
out numbering Cloud Walker's clan
and in haste to clear the land
they started fires by their evil hands

Greedy and in such thoughtless rush
they started burning off thick wooded brush
Soon the fire was out of hand
burning and destroying all the land

The white men with evil smiles
watched as it spread for miles
but in fear they would not stay
Their coward's hearts soon ran away

The land was burning and smoking
while people were dying and choking
Cloud Walker bravely rushed in
trying to save his blood's kin

Risking his very heart's life
he saved his children and wife
His body was burned and charred
and his heart's spirit forever scarred

Cloud Walker stood atop a hill
the fire yet burning still
He watched as it spread
and his spirit's heart bled

He stood there a solitary man
taking in the emptiness of the land
Not many were left of his clan
They would have to start life over again

Watching as smoke bellowed across the lake
thinking his heart would surely break
His spirit no longer heard life's song
for his heart's beloved land was gone

He had fought on into the night
with all his brave spirit's might
But in his heart was a great void
for all he loved had been destroyed

His brave spirit looked to the sky
and his heart could only ask why ...
Surveying all the destruction with his eye
asking, why did the land have to die?

Cloud Walker's spirit watches yet today
pollution of the once clear water ways
destroying the Creator's clean fresh air
without giving any thought or care

His spirit watches in great sorrow
and asks, will there be a tomorrow ...
For him this question will ever burn
will men's heart's never learn ...

Cloud Walker respected this land true
and all man's destruction is in his view
His spirit is asking you ...
What are you going to do?

Cloud Walker still watches from the skies
with a heart's tears in his eyes
and he continues still to ask why ....
Why does the land have to die?


~   Barbara LaBarbera   ~





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