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Silver Birch was the spirit guide of the Medium Maurice Barbanell. Through Maurice Barbanell Silver Birch wrote many books.
Here are some of his quotations:

"It is a mockery of divine justice to think that a death-bed repentance will wipe away all the wrongs you have done."


"If you knock on a door and it does not open, do not push. If you push the door gently and it opens, that is for you. You cannot go through a closed door. Too many people in your world waste time and effort banging at closed doors."


"Disease is, in a large number of cases primarily due to the wrongful alignment of mind, body and spirit."


"There is no religion higher than service."


"Pain and suffering are regarded as miseries; they are not. They have divine parts to play in the evolution of the individual."


" The higher you seek to rise, the more difficult it must become."


"It is easy to love those you love. There is no virtue, no saintliness in that. But to love those you do not love, that is the attribute of an evolved soul."


" Learn to be free. Do not imprison yourself. Do not hedge yourself around and refuse to allow new inspiration to come to you. Truth is a constant search. Its boundaries are ever widening, for as the soul evolves the mind responds."


"All evils are wrong because they are an attempt to frustrate the expression of the Great Spirit within you."


"Every race, every nation and every culture has its contribution to make in your world. It is like a mighty orchestra in which every instrument contributes its part to achieve harmony of music which produces the greatest beauty. What are considered the uncivilized and the lowliest have their parts to play in the great unfolding scheme."


"Sometimes the worst answer to your prayer would be to give you that for which you asked."


"No harm can come to any soul whose honest motive is to do the best. Every soul who desires to serve will find the opportunity provided."


A prayer from Silver Birch:

"Oh Great White Spirit, Thou who art the infinite architect, the King of Kings, the divine intelligence which has devised the whole universal scheme, whose wisdom sustains it and whose love guides it, we seek to draw closer to Thee, to garner from Thy infinite storehouse of knowledge some gleanings that will aid us on our eternal quest. We recognise that we cannot understand Thee in Thy fullness because Thou art infinite and our conception must of necessity be finite ones. We see the panorama of natural laws unfolding in the immensity of their gigantic scope, controlling all facets of life in a boundless universe."












There are a variety of ways in which a Spirit Guides or a departed spirit can communicate with a medium or psychic. Often these communications are through what is called the "Clair senses."

Clair senses is a collective word, meaning that the Guides' communication can utilise any of the following types of psychic sensitivity which co-mingles the physical body's normal five senses.

The five sense and the Clair sense involved are:



Clairaudience are sounds or words that a person can actually hear when, in fact, no one is speaking and nothing physical is causing the sounds. The sounds are thought to be impressions that register themselves on the spirillae of the ear's pineal gland. It is believed that clairaudience sounds go through the same process that normal hearing does, passing through the Third Eye chakra of the head.


Clairsavorance is translated as clear tasting. The person experiences tastes in the mouth without putting anything physical actually in the mouth.



Clairscient also known as Clairolfactance means to smell a fragrance or odour of a substance which is not physical in nature. For example, you might smell cigarette smoke when you are in a place where it is certain no one is smoking or has smoked or the perfume which a passed person would have worn when on the earth plane.



Clairempathy is the ability to sense the emotional and physical condition of others from a distance. For instance, if you were to be in an online Chatroom you would be able to sense the emotion and physical condition of someone you were 'speaking' to in the room, even though you would only be typing your words to communicate with them.



Clairtangency is the psychic faculty that corresponds with the physical sense of touch.


Clairsentience allows a psychic to perceive information as a feeling within the whole body without any other stimuli related to this feeling or information, which comes from within the body, down the kundalini to the stomach area or solar plexus. The stomach area is one of the strongest communication centers that Guides frequently use to communicate.




Clairvoyance means to see into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes. Some describe it as reaching into another vibration frequency and visually perceive "within the head" something like moving pictures. The third eye area of the forehead is one of the other strongest communication centers that Guides frequently use to communicate.

This article is focused on the "belly energies" and psychic abilities, we will narrow our focus to the area of the clairsentience.

In his historic writings of "Psychic Science," Sir Oliver Lodge spoke about what he called "clairvoyance or lucidity" and raised the older concepts that were coined as "reading with the pit of the stomach." According to Lodge, using the stomach or belly area as the channel for psychic communications was an established practice.

That is an interesting observation when you look more globally at the ancient's beliefs about the belly. The Chinese called this belly chakra the "chi point," while the Japanese termed it the "hara" or "ki point." As the body's balancing chakra, this area is located one and a half inches below the navel and one and a half inches inward toward the spine. It is the "energy" that the body generates, some call it a power-centre.

In writing this article, I spoke with world renown psychic and author Jane Doherty because as a psychic she experiences a physical phenomena that relates to Sir Oliver Lodge's concept of "reading with the pit of the stomach."

Whenever there are ghosts around Jane Doherty, she has an amazing physical reaction to them. The reaction Jane has is that her stomach area actually enlarges by as much as six inches around within seconds. And, Jane tells us that it is extremely painful to her when this happens. If you watch Jane while her stomach expansion is happening, you are going to hear her moaning and see her wincing ? and trust me, it is not dramatics ? Jane is in definite pain.

With regards to her expanding tummy, Jane says, "It feels like a contraction when a woman is in labour, but it doesn't ever release me until the spirit leaves. Instead, the stomach expands as if I was nine months pregnant." Jane actually describes it as very intense muscle cramps, where her stomach is physically gripped by the ghost, and if you watch, the belly will actually lift up. Jane continues, "Often I can tell by the grip whether it is a female, male or child spirit. It first happened to me in 1990, when I investigated my first haunted house with a researcher."

Psychic Jane Doherty has this psychic belly experience as she applies her clairsentience skills, but interestingly enough the phenomena only happens when a ghost is present and not when a Guide is present. You can learn more about Jane Doherty's psychic abilities in her book "Awakening the Mystic Gift: The Surprising Truth About What It Means to Be Psychic," which chronicles Jane's own psychic awakening and what it truly means to be psychic. You can also view her expanding stomach area on TLC's Dead Tenants show in which Jane co-stars. Jane's book and book club are located at www.Herbal-College.com.

Doreen Virtue, author of "Clairaudience: Hearing Your Angels' Messages," says that clairsentients get divine guidance through bodily sensations, such as a tightening of the jaw, fists, stomach or sex organs, and that they intuitively know the specific meaning of these tightening reactions. She further adds that clairsentients receive angelic guidance through an Etheric sense of smell, taste, and touch.

Renowned medium John Holland says pointedly that the hot spot for clairsentients is the stomach.

Clearly the "belly energies" and "psychic abilities" are intrinsically related as a compliment that helps allow mediums to communicate with Guides, ghosts and other-worldly beings. The stomach area is indeed one of the strongest communication centers frequently use to communicate with that which has no physical form.










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