~ Broken Wing ~

"One day a little bird fell to the ground.
No one was looking, no one around.
So still, not making a sound,
but it's small body I found

The little bird had a broken wing
and could no longer sing.
It had fallen from a tree
and I thought it a lot like me.

I took it into my care,
my home to share.
It's wounds to tend
until it could mend.

The bird's wing was broken
as was my spirit with words unspoken...
and this we both could feel.
But together we begin to heal.

The bird first began to sing
and such joy did it bring.
Our souls became as one,
as to each other we clung.

I knew in my heart
One day we must part.
There would come a day
when the bird would fly away.

Now the bird is gone
but I still hear his song.
We will never really be apart
for he lives within my heart.

But one winter so cold
guess who came back so bold
and made a grand show
with a song's melody only I would know.

In my heart his memory had burned
and now he had returned!
Not long did he stay
for when I wasn't looking he flew away!

For now you see,
we both are free.
Over mountain, sea and land,
God holds us in His hand."


Barbara LaBarbera

  Used with her kind permission







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