The Story Of Life Is Quicker Than The Wink Of An Eye..The Story Of Love Is Hello And Goodbye.  Until We Meet Again Dear Brian....


Just Over The Bridge


Just over the bridge that's where you are,
Just over the bridge but it's oh so very far,
In another world with no stress and no pain,
It's where you are waiting, till we meet again.

Sixteen years have passed since God called you home,
And I'm still sitting here...all alone,
Alone with my memories...oh happy they are..
But what else could they be? You were my shining star.

Nobody's perfect...or so 'they' say,
But 'they' never met you...did 'they'?
There was nothing to fault, in what you said or you did,
No little niggle that you carefully hid.

Kind by default, honest and true,
Loving and caring all applied to you.
Amazingly funny...with a gorgeous smile,
So very down to earth, that was your style.

Everyone loved got into their heart,
From their very first meeting...right from the start.
Only one person didn't like what they saw,
You couldn't see any assets for anyone to adore.

You wanted to be...just like your brothers,
To be handsome and funny...just like the others.
You were blind to the fact you were better than they,
And I wouldn't have wanted you any other way.

You were handsome my love...beautiful I'd say,
And I told you these facts every single day.
You just needed someone to tell you what everyone knew,
You were beautiful on the inside...but the outside too.

 I feel honoured that you loved me and you let me love you,
It's a love that will stay with whole life through.
I feel you around me throughout the day,
And I'll be with you again...when God shows me the way.



June 2007




    Lyn Rennick (aka Pebbles) 2007
All Rights Reserved