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  Negative Aura

Positive Aura


The human aura is like a magnet and picks up a lot of unwanted negative energy during the day. Vibrational energies are floating around in the air wherever we go and they cling to our auras. Therefore it is vitally important that we free these unwanted energies from our auras.

Bathing and showering will not remove these foreign vibrations and  the negative energies. Although it is not as simple as just having a quick shower every day, it is not too hard to cleanse our aura...in fact it is quite easy to do and only takes about 10 minutes every day.

There are various ways to cleanse your aura. Here are some:


*   Using your fingers as you would a comb work around the space surrounding your body as if combing the air and work around from head to toe.


*   Stand under a shower. If you are lucky enough to live near a waterfall that would be even better.


Run in a refreshing wind for 10 minutes enjoying the feeling of the wind on your skin.

* Use a single feather as a broom making  sweeping motions through the space surrounding  your whole body. Turkey and Owl feathers are often used for this


* Smudge the area around your body with the smoke from Sage or Lavender.


* Immerse your body in a bath of Epsom salts and soak.


Whichever method you use, always remember to wash your hands before and after cleansing your aura and during the process do some deep breathing exercises as these will help to flush your inner body at the same time.



One of the easiest ways to see your aura is from your fingertips. We can all see auras...it's just a matter of learning how and a bit of practice.

The first time I saw an aura it was at my Tai Chi class. We were standing in a circle doing Qi Gong, a standing meditation. I was very relaxed and staring at a spot in the distance but I began to use peripheral viewing and as
I did so I began to see a light shining around the guy opposite me in the circle...I took a closer look..still using peripheral viewing...and saw that it was his aura. I was amazed at what I was seeing.

When I got home I tried it with my husband and father and I saw their auras. After about 10 minutes I suddenly remembered that when I was a child I used to put my fingers out in front of me and kind of squint my eyes and I'd seen colours between the fingers of each hand...I didn't know it back then but I was actually seeing my own aura.

If you want to see your aura ...give this a try:

* Stand in front of a plain wall or curtain as it's easier if there are no colours or patterns to distract you.

* Now try to relax as best you can. Stand straight and take a few slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you do this let your shoulders relax and go down. Don't let them 'hunch' up. It's like when you sigh...you let the breath out and your shoulders go down...just let it happen.

* Now place your two hands in front of you about 10 inches away from your face.

*  Place the fingertips of both hands together so that they touch...your index fingers together, your thumbs and so on.

* Look directly at your fingertips and at the same time move your hands very, very slowly away from each other until they are about 6 inches apart then move them back again so they touch.

*   Keep breathing deeply but slowly...and relax.

*  Now move your hands very, very slowly backwards and forwards, almost in slow motion, 6 inches away to touching,  just as  if you are playing an accordion.     

*   You may find that as you bring your hands together you can feel warmth between your hands and that each time you do this it becomes harder to put your hands together...as if something is stopping you from doing so ...and it will then feel like your hands 'bounce' apart as you get closer.

*  Keep doing this and you will eventually see a glow between your fingertips...it may look like blurry rubber bands being stretched from each finger to the one one on the opposite hand...but that is your aura!












The word "aura" comes from the Greek word "avra" which means breeze or wind. Auras are fields of energy that emanate from all objects. Inanimate objects tend to have one colour or hue. While animate objects have many colours or hues that are constantly changing in colour and/or intensity. These hues are affected by many factors, both physical and emotional.

Auras are closely connected with our Charkas. The description of the word aura means atmosphere of multi-coloured light called "aureola" and the human aura is a multi-layered energy field that is manly generated by the spiritual Chakra energy centres within all spirit and what gives us a halo effect around our heads called the "numbus". A small part of the aura is made up by electromagnetic energies which are generated by atoms within matter, that give off a small energy field.

Our auras make us what we are. Our aura reflects our moods, personalities, our traits, health, emotions, generally well-being, spiritual abilities and evolution. The aura is made up of several layers or bodies reflecting and relating to different Chakras and aspects of our spiritual and material life and nature. For those who can physically view the aura, it can be seen to visibly brighten and change when we re addressing others, or in some way pulling on the resources of our spirit such as when we do spiritual healing or are meditating as well as normal daily events in our lives.

It is believed that here are 7 main aura bodies that are reflected in layers through the aura and they are connected to each one of the main 7 Chakras. These are the seven main aura bodies their corresponding Chakras:

Etheric Layer                        Base Chakra - Red
Emotional Layer:                    Sacral Chakra - Orange
Mental/Intellectual Layer:     Solar Plexus - Yellow
Astral Layer:                           Heart Chakra - Green
Etheric Template Layer:        Throat Chakra - Light Blue
Celestial Layer:                      Third Eye Chakra -

Ketheric Template Layer:      Crown Chakra: Violet

The colours do not always match that of the relevant Chakra due to blending that takes place of one or more of the main 7 Chakras along with many of the secondary and subsidiary Chakras which may be involved in the makeup of each of the main seven bodies of the aura and although the aura is thought to possibly extend up to 40 inches off the body in places it is very unlikely that many psychics would be able to see it, that is not to say at times it cannot be seen or sensed by other means. Just that in most cases the aura is only normally seen 2 - 4 inches off the top of the head, where it can usually most prominently be seen.



The Etheric Aura

The Etheric (Lower Astral) aura extends about 2 inches out from the physical body and is usually a shade of blue in colour. The shade of blue relates to the physical condition and health of the physical body and is the easiest aura to see. Many see Etheric outlines of the internal organs. Some people see a light blue on a dark blue grid. This aura concerns survival issues, physical body function and physical sensation of pain, pleasure, automatic functions etc. It is connected to the Root Chakra.

Emotional Aura

The Emotional aura is involved with the emotional aspects of our lives and being, soft multicoloured clouds of light visible from one to 6 inches out. This is the layer most often described by aura readers as showing dark spots or cloudy and stagnant areas where emotional blocks and pain exist. It is connected to the Sacral Chakra.

Mental Aura

The mental aura reflects the thought processes, intellect, linear thinking, personal power and will. The more active our thinking processes the brighter our mental aura becomes. The Chakra connected to this aura is the Solar Plexus.

The above three layers make up the lower astral and together form the personality. These three energy bodies begin to be created at conception and dissolve at death.

Higher Astral Aura

The astral aura extends about eight to twelve inches from the physical body. This connects the lower three levels/layers with the higher three. Virtually all healing energy is said to come through or be moderated by this later. It is the layer of love, both specific and universal and the first of the spiritual layers. It is connected to the Heart Chakra. This aura is the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

Etheric Template Aura

The Etheric template aura extends about twelve to twenty four inches from the physical body and is seen by some as a blue grid light ball around the body. This aura reflects speech and communication, listening, taking responsibility for ones own actions. When balanced and active this aura can promote a bliss and a feeling of being moved by the Divine. The Chakra connected to this aura is the Throat Chakra.

The Celestial Aura

The celestial aura extends about twenty four inches from the physical body and appears as a bright iridescent light. This is the level of feelings within the world of our spirit. Here we communicate with all the beings of the spiritual world. We connect with Divine Love. It brings nurturing and awareness f oneself as an aspect of what is called, by some, God, love of all life and union with the All. The Third Eye Chakra is connected to this aura.

Ketheric Template Aura

The ketheric template aura extends about thirty six to forty eight inches from the physical body and appears as an extremely bright golden or brilliant white  light that is rapidly pulsating. This aura surrounds and protects everything within its boundaries. It connects us with our higher mind, the Divine, spiritual information and the integration of the spiritual and physical aspects of being. The Crown Chakra is connected to this aura.




Contrary to popular belief, you don't  have to be born with a special talent to be able to see auras.  There is a technique which you can learn so that you can see auras. It only takes one minute to learn.  However, it may take years to see auras well enough physically to glean all the information they can offer.

Aura reading, as with most things psychic, calls for a lot of patience.  You may see auras right away, or within a few days of practice.  You may not.  You may see them initially, and then have a period of time where you don't seem to see anything.  Although some people see colours almost immediately, others may practice for several months before colours start to appear.  Keeping your chakras clean, especially your third eye, should help you in seeing them.

As with any psychic work, DON'T STRAIN YOURSELF!  Practice initially only a few minutes per day; as your eyes get used to refocusing, you may look at the aura for a longer period of time. If you feel any strain on your chakras, STOP.  If your chakras begin to hurt, STOP, close them a little, and don't practice anything for a few days.  This goes for any time you overstrain your chakras.


Stand in front of a mirror.  The background (wall, etc) should be blank and preferably white.  Rooms that aren't too bright usually seem to work better.  Stand approximately 18 inches from the wall. To see the aura, look at the wall behind you and a couple inches away from your body.  Remember the 3-D stereogram pictures that were popular a few years ago, where the trick was to look a few inches into the "noise" to see the 3-D image?  The trick to seeing auras uses the same  method.  Look beyond where you are standing.  Ignore your body; if you look at yourself you'll lose the aura image. 

You should see an area around you where the background wall may look lighter than the rest.  If you can, try to see the colour.  If you had to pick any colour (besides white) to describe this area, what would it be?  Also, different areas of a person's aura may be different colours.  The colour you pick for one area may be different than another area.

Once you think you see it,  sway from side to side.  The energy field you see should move with your movement.  An after-image would not move with you, it would only move as your own eyes moved.  Also, after-images are the exact opposite colour of what you were looking at; auras may be any colour.

You can also practice seeing the various colours, however, by looking at after-images.  Cut out several circles, each approximately 3-4 inches in diameter, from coloured  paper, or colour them in with markers.  You should end up having red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white and black circles.  Place one on a white piece of paper, and stare at it approx 30 seconds.  Remove the circle and look at the white paper.  You should see an afterimage, the exact opposite colour of the circle you stared at.  Bring the colour into focus, and you may find your eyes refocusing a few inches deeper than the surface of the paper, just like looking at auras.  Practice with each circle.


Most people have little problem seeing the whitish area around people.  A few months of practice, and you may notice that this whitish area separates into light yellows and blues and pinks.  More practice, and these colours will separate even further; oranges may be found where you once saw yellows, greens may be seen instead of light blue.  An electric blue or purple area may also be seen close to the body, and this is the Etheric body.  The Etheric body is quite vivid, and may be seen within a few months of practice, even while no specific colours are visible in the rest of the person's energy.  Eventually, you may see the person's chakras, which may look like brighter energy areas, energy vortices, etc.

At work, look at the auras of your colleagues as they talk to you.  Practice on your friends!  But remember, while you may be looking at auras, others may think you're staring, so be discreet. lol  ;-)



Auras tend to have a base colour to them, which determines the person's overall personality.  Also, several other colours may be shown at various places around the body. These other colours may describe the person's current state of mind, as well as any ailments.  Illnesses may be seen in the aura which have not yet manifested themselves physically.

Although certain colours have a general meaning, these colours may mean something totally different to you.  You will have to learn what each colour, or combination of colours, means to you personally.  For example, some people see pain as a red inflammation, while others may see it as a black blotch.  Pink may mean love to one person, and shyness to another.  While seeing the aura, feel it emotionally.  Describe the colour that you see in the way it feels to you.
Listed below are the basic Aura Colours, these may vary depending on your sight.


Red is the first of the primary colours and in ancient symbolism it represented the body, the earth and hell, all three of which meant the same thing in the old mystery religions.

Red indicates action, change of passion, survival, force, vigour and energy. Its interpretation depends upon the shade, and as with all colours, upon the relationship of the other colours.
Dark red indicates a high temper, and it is a symbol of nervous turmoil within the person. A person with dark red in his aura may not be outwardly weak but suffering in some way, and it is reflected in his nervous system. Such a person is apt to be domineering and quick to act.

Light red indicates a nervous, impulsive person who tends to be very active, one who is probably self-centred.

Scarlet means the desire to bring about positive changes and passionate love. It brings the desire for vibrant life.

Pink or coral, is the colour of immaturity. Young people tend to have this colour in their aura and if it shows up in the aura of one who is grown it indicates delayed adolescence, a childish concern with self.
Pink can also mean unconditional love, gentleness and a wise counsellor. It also indicates a natural peace maker and a friend to the vulnerable.

In all cases of red there is a tendency to nervous troubles, and such people ought to take time to be quiet and to get outside themselves.  Red may also indicate pain or an inflammation of some kind. A murky red can indicate general infections, blood problems as well as high blood pressure and high temperatures.


Orange as we know, is the colour of the sun. It is vital and a good colour generally, indicating a healthy metabolism, regular pulse rate and efficient immune system. thoughtfulness and the consideration given to others. Again, however, it is a matter of shade. A cloudy orange suggests allergies, infections in the reproductive system and menstrual pain.

Orange especially refers to the ovaries, large and small intestines, spleen, adrenal glands, kidneys and muscles.

Golden Orange is vital and indicates self-control and creativity, artistic, the ability to be open minded and enthusiastic and have an optimistic nature.

Brownish Orange shows a lack of ambition and a don't-care attitude. Such people may be repressed, but usually they are just lazy.

In the early church orange signified glory, virtue, and the fruits of the earth, all of these being connected naturally with the sun.

Pale Orange indicates low self esteem, loss of identity.



Yellow is the second primary colour.

When it is golden yellow it indicates health and well-being. Such people take good care of themselves, don't worry, and learn easily; good mentality is natural in them. They are happy, friendly, and helpful.  They may think a lot. It is the colour of the communicator and also means the person has a good memory.

A dull yellow can indicate skin and digestive disorders, tension, stress and nervous exhaustion.

Irregular streaks of yellow indicates hyperactivity.

If the yellow is ruddy, they are timid. They are often very indecisive and weak in will, and inclined to let others lead them.


Pure emerald green, particularly if it has a dash of blue in it, is the colour of healing. Someone with this colour in their aura is helpful, strong and friendly. It is the colour of doctors and nurses, who invariably have a lot of it in their auras. However, it is seldom a dominating  colour,  being over shadowed by one of its neighbours.

A rich green reveals a loving heart with generosity, generous with money, time and love. A person with this aura colour can be trusted as they speak from their heart ad mean what they say.

An olive green brings good humour and new hope.

As it tends toward blue it is more helpful and trustworthy.

As it tends toward
yellow it is weakened. A lemony green with lots of yellow, is deceitful.

As a rule the deep, healing green is seen in small amounts, but it is good to have a little in your aura.

A  pale green indicates the need for emotional dependency.

In the early church it symbolized youthfulness and the fertility of nature, taking this quite naturally from the sight of the fields in spring.


Almost any color of blue is good, but the deeper shades are the best.

Pale blue indicates a person with little depth, who struggles toward maturity. The person may not be talented, but he tries the best he can. He will have many heartaches and many headaches, but he will keep going in the right direction.

Mid blue, or aqua, belongs to a person who will work harder and get more done than a person with the light blue aura, though there may be
little difference between them in talent.

Those with deep blue have found their life's work and are immersed in it. They usually tend to be moody and are almost always unusual people, but they have a mission and they steadfastly go about fulfilling it. They are spiritual-minded for the most part, and their life is usually dedicated to an unselfish cause, such as science, art, or social service. Many sisters of mercy have dark blue auras, and many writers and singers do also.


Turquoise is the colour of the wise healer, for integration of mind and heart, feelings and thoughts, wisdom and experience.

Positive Side - Can indicate a poet, innovator or and artist. Those with this in colour in their aura are naturally protective towards others. They naturally protect the weak.

Negative Side - None

Physical Associations - stimulates and strengthens the immune system, soothes inflammation, calms nerves, aides healing, soothes asthmatic problems and general respiratory difficulties. Helps heal skin complaints. Turquoise rules the throat, upper back, repertory problems and swellings of all kinds. Turquoise influences the thyroid gland and is used to restore harmony throughout the body.

    Indigo and Violet  

Indigo and violet
indicate seekers of all types, people who are searching for a cause or a religious experience. As these people get settled in their
careers and in their beliefs, however, these colours usually back into a deep blue. It seems that once the purpose is set in the right direction, blue is a natural emanation of the soul. Those who have purple are inclined to be overbearing, for here there is an infiltration of pink. In the early church indigo and violet meant humiliation and sorrow.



Definition - Awareness, spirituality, psychic inner vision, the colour of the evolving soul.

Positive Side - A rich shade or purple indicates a connection with unconscious wisdom, a collective knowledge of mankind. A clear colour indicates awareness and natural clairvoyant powers

Negative Side - If the colour is blurred it can indicate the person spends too long in daydreams and illusions. A dark colour purple may indicate someone feels alone

Physical Associations - A rich clear purple indicate the mind body and spirit are working in harmony, their physical senses merge nicely and naturally with their psychic senses. A dull cloudy purple could indicate ear infections, eye infections, headaches, nightmares and sleeplessness. Purple rules the right side of the brain, the ears, eyes, sinuses, the scalp and all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.



The perfect colour, of course, is
white, and this is what we all are striving for. If our souls were in perfect balance then our colour vibrations would blend and we would have a pure white aura.  Christ had a pure white aura, and it is shown in many paintings of him, particularly those that depict Him after the resurrection. White is for limitless potential energy, and the life force integration, the colour o soaring spirit. It is the colour of Divinity.

Positive Qualities: At its most vibrant this aura is the colour of the innovator and creator. A highly evolved colour indicating higher levels of consciousness and purity.

Negative Aspects: A pale white can suggest a person is out of touch with the real world, while a murky white can reveal feelings of alienation from others.

Physical Associations: The vibrant clear aura is one of the integrated mind, body, spirit. A sense of completeness, good health and the ability to bring healing to groups of people who may be in conflict. White rules the whole body, the mind and the soul and the connections between them. White light is a natural pain reliever.



Although black is not a colour per se, it does apply to auras. A person with a black aura or no aura is dying or will die soon. To see a person with such an aura is not uncommon. If you ever visit a person who is very ill you will notice that their aura is dull or lacks colour it does not shine. A person who is dying slowly loses there aura. When total black is present the person either is just about to die or has just died.


People who have a rich brown aura tend to have a special infinity with Mother Earth. A lover of the land.

A warm brown is a nurturer. humble, earthy, sincere, with a gentle heart.

  Kidney Bean  

A person with a kidney bean colour aura has gone through a chemical alteration in their body.


Grey means an absence of life force.  Grey appears because the body's energy has been significantly reduced.  It's like plugging a 220V electrical appliance into a 110V outlet. It also means scepticism.


This colour means a balanced life force, an appreciation for life and all that it offers as well as an universal outlook.

A pregnant woman may have sparkles around her stomach.   Green in a certain area may indicate that that area is in the process of being healed.  Again, this is a general colour chart, as you learn, you'll see clues in the aura which may indicate something special to you.








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Please Also Note That A "Good" Reiki Practitioner Will Always Advise You to Seek
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Here is a list of books which you may find interesting and beneficial to you. We hope you will enjoy them:

*      Auras: An Essay
                 On The
             Meaning Of

by Edgar Cayce


*       Aura Reading
          for Beginners

by Richard Webster


*     Hands of Light:
      A Guide To Healing
     Through the Human
           Energy Field

 by Barbara Brennan
Jos. A. Smith


    *        Life Colours:
     What the Colours in
       Your Aura Reveal

 by Pamala Oslie


    *            Auras:
        See them In Only
            60 Seconds!

 by Mark Smith


    *    Exploring Auras:
         Cleansing And 
      Your Energy Field

 by Susan G. Shumsky



S*Spirit Painter recently
had a photograph of her
aura taken. As you can
see, it is quite impressive!




t8 8.



After doing any psychic work it is important to close down. There are various methods which people use, but many find it hard to "switch off" from spirit.

By closing down your aura you may find this works better for you and spirit leave you alone when you are not working. This not only gives you some peace, but it preserves the energy and does not waste it and recharges the energy for next time. One way of doing this is as follows.

Please note that when you close down your Chakras you do it in the opposite direction to which you open them. You work from top to bottom, although you start from the Third Eye Chakra and work down  and leave the Crown Chakra till last.

  Focus your attention on your Third Eye area and visualise the bright light getting dimmer and darker. Now visualise the petals of the lotus flower closing and an iron door shutting over the whole centre. No light can now get in nor out.

Concentrate on your Throat Chakra. Watch as the light fades, and the petals begin to close and the door closes.

  Move down now to the Heart Chakra and, again, watch the light begin to dim and grow darker as the petals begin to close and allow the door to shut.

Concentrate now on your Solar Plexus Chakra. The petals here will now begin to close and so the light will diminish and the door will shut.

Now drop down to your Sacral Chakra watch as the petals start to close, the light fades and the door closes.

Concentrate now on your Root Chakra. This area does not close completely. This Chakra must be allowed to stay open just a tiny amount. So, what the light fade until it is just a very small red light and you can see it through the door which has not closed but has been left ajar.

Now you must go back up to your Crown Chakra and focus your attention there. Now allow a golden stream of light come through the top of your head and give yourself a psychic shower. Wash away any negativity you have picked up and allow the golden light to leave your body through your fingertips and toes. Now fill your whole body with golden light energy from the toes to the top of your head and then watch as your Crown Chakra begins to close and the light fades.

  You may, if you wish, add added protection by visualising a dark hooded cloak all all over your body, which light can neither get in nor out.



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