~    As Time Goes By    ~
As time goes by
I miss...I miss you more and more
The pain still ravages my body
As my tears fall gently to the floor.

As time goes by
I miss you...I miss you... oh so much
I miss your face, your voice
And your oh so loving touch.

As time goes by
I miss...the laughter and the joy
The happiness and rainbows
That you brought me since a boy.

As time goes by
I live...on memories we shared
Loving, happy times
That can never be compared.

As time goes by
I realise... what we had was oh so rare
And how my life without you now
Is so very hard to bear.

Some say I need some help
A counsellor or two
But why can't any of them realise
I'll never get over...losing you?

As time goes by
I live...with pain through every day
It's a pain so deeply imbedded
It will never go away.

But go away...is that what I want?
Will that not take you from me?
Surely if it did not hurt...
I'd feel so differently?

As time goes by
I know...I'll get used to all the pain
It's what keeps you alive inside my heart
Until we meet again.

As time goes by
I know...that your love is part of me
It keeps me going, day by day
That's how it will always be.

As time goes by
I realise...how lucky I have been
To have met and been loved
By the most beautiful person...
..... this world has ever seen.

Written by Pebbles 2007



Copyright Lyn Rennick July 200
All Rights Reserved

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Brought to you by Pebbles' Spiritual Cave 2007