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God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change; Courage To Change The Things I Can; And Wisdom To Know The Difference.



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Inspirational Quotes

Dare to dream,
dare to try,
dare to fail -
dare to succeed

G Kingsley Wood


When a noble life has
prepared old age, it
is not decline that it
reveals but the first
day of immortality

Germaine De Stael


The strongest man
in the world is he
who stands alone.

Henrik Ibsen


Magic is believing
in yourself, if you
can do that you can
make anything happen

Foka Gomez


Remember this -
that there is a
proper dignity and
proportion to be
observed in the
performance of
every act of life.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus


It is not necessary
to undestand things
in order to agrue
about them

Pierre Beaumarchais


There a great deal
of difference between
an eager man who wants
to read a book and the
tired man who wants a
book to read.

G K Chesterton




Pebbles is a fully qualified Reiki Master.

 Pebbles will send distant
Reiki to anyone who wishes
her to do so.

Please send an email to
Pebbles with your request
and she will be only too
pleased to place you on
her distant Reiki Healing list.

* Pebbles wishes it to be
known that she was NOT
attuned or taught Reiki
by Tracey Wilding &
that all knowledge she has
acquired has come from
reliable sources not
only with her Reiki
but in other subjects.


Crystal Cave


Relax, focus and ground, moving through all chakra centres slowly energising and cleansing them.

Visualise yourself inside a cave, the walls are made
of deep purple amethyst
and clear crystal, there is
 a bright light shining through these walls which
is surrounding you in the most amazing coloured
light, millions of tiny rainbows shoot like laser lights around you, they
seem to pass straight through your Being and bounce off of the walls of the cave back through you time and time again.

You continue to walk through the cave, with every step you take you
feel lighter and lighter. You reach a new chamber deep in the centre of the cave, this chamber has walls
and floor made of the
 most beautiful pink rose quartz, the light in this
room is very bright and a pink mist seems to hover above the floor, you walk into this room and feel an intense love and calmness within you. The mist begins to lift and in front of you
is an altar; upon this altar
is an unlit pink candle.
You sit down in front of the altar and close your
spiritual eyes.

You sense now a figure appear at your right hand side, a beautiful presence envelops you and you feel many hands being placed upon your Being. The
 energy is building in your Heart chakra and you open your eyes to find the pink candle is now alight and spirals of energy are
coming from your Heart
and being drawn into the flame of the candle, you
feel an amazing sense of peace while this is happening and although figure has disappeared
from your side you feel safe and cleansed.

A breeze blows through
the chamber now, blowing away the remaining pink
mist and extinguishing the flame of the candle. You stand and make your way out of this chamber and back into the cave with Amethyst and Crystal walls, the tiny rainbow lasers
have now formed into a giant rainbow bridge, you walk across this bridge
and one the other side you find your physical self, seeming brighter,
surrounded by a glowing energy.



Each Chakra has many crystals which can be used with it. Here are just some
which can be used with each one:

Root Chakra

Smoky Quartz
Black Obsidian
Black Tourmaline
Red Zincite
Smoky Quartz


Sacral Chakra

Red Jasper
Orange Calcite


Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow Jasper
Golden Calcite
Tiger's Eye
Yellow Tourmaline
Golden Beryl


Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz
Green Quartz
Pink Rubellite
Watermelon Tourmaline
Green Aventurine

Throat Chakra

Blue Calcite
Blue Kyanite
Blue Turquoise
Blue Topaz
Blue Obsidian

 Third Eye Chakra


Lapis Lazuli
Herkimer Diamond
Royal Sapphire

Crown Chakra

White Calcite
White Topaz
Purple Sapphire
Purple Jasper









स्वागत  उप  मदीय चक्र  पृष्ठ


Here are the names of the 7 main chakras, the number associated with it, its name,  where  it is located, the colour of the energy it uses, the sacred Sanskrit sound (vowel) associated with it and what it effects in your body:





  The First Chakra is the Root Chakra
       Sanskrit Name: Muladhara (Mula means "root" & adhara
       The Sanskrit word is:
       Location: Base of the spine (pelvic area)
       The colour of this energy centre is red
       The sound associated with this Chakra is: LAM

The Root Chakra has 4 spokes.

The Root chakra is the home of the kundalini energy and  is your main power station and it is connected to your physical vitality and endurance, mental perseverance and it is the centre that gives you your life's passion. The First Chakra is also your connection to your very existence.

The Root Chakra is your GROUNDING chakra, and this is very IMPORTANT as it is your connection to the Mother Earth energy. Many people who say they are "grounded" probably like the colour red in  their life or are attracted to things which are red. If this chakra is depleted or blocked, our connection to nature and the world around us may be weakened. As a result we are likely to feel "spaced out" and "ungrounded", and less stable than we usually are. When this happens we may start to neglect our physical needs and also become unhealthy and weak as a result.

If the energy of this chakra is over stimulated, we may become too attached to things or the physical world, and place too much importance on material wealth and possessions. We may be unable to develop the "higher" levels of our nature because we are afraid to risk losing these possessions. A miser, a person who is unable to enjoy their wealth for fear of losing it, is the perfect example of the energy of this chakra being out of balance.

A misaligned Root chakra can cause things like sexual or reproductive problems, circulation and blood deficiencies, constipation, bladder problems and Chronic Fatigue syndrome.




  The Second Chakra is the Sacral Centre
       Sanskrit Name: Svadhisthana (Svad means "to sweeten" &
           dhisthana "actual place".)
        The Sanskrit word is:
        Location: The navel area (about 3 fingers width below the
                          navel, also known as the Dantien for those who
                          practice Tai Chi & Qi Gong
        The colour of this energy centre is orange
        The sound associated with this Chakra is: VAM

The Sacral Chakra has 6 spokes.

This chakra supplies some (but not all) the energy transferred during sex. A misaligned Sacral chakra can cause imbalances in the endocrine system, muscle tension, poor vitamin C absorption, thyroid problems, bed-wetting and nervous depression.
The Sacral chakra is your sensing power station, connecting you to your feeling sensitivities. It is the centre that allows you to live consciously, in the "now".

It is also the link to your enthusiasm, happiness and joy...your inner-child. This chakra is one that almost EVERYONE tends to ignore or doesn't use to its full potential. Our creativity, whether it is expressed artistically, academically, physically or in the ultimate creative act - producing the child - is the energy of the second chakra. Second chakra energy is also the source of our sexuality. A free flow of energy through this chakra will be manifested as vitality and a passionate approach to life

If you are feeling like the world is closing in around you and life is overwhelming...eat an orange, sleep on orange sheets, wear an orange shirt...and it will bring fun-loving energy back into your life.




   The Third Chakra is the Solar Plexus
       Name: Manipura (Manipura means "city of jewels".)
       The Sanskrit word is:
       Location: Between your heart and your navel, just
                          below your ribcage
       The colour of this energy centre is yellow
       The sound associated with this Chakra is: RAM


The Solar Plexus chakra has 10 spokes. It is one of the two chakras where spirit can leave the body during an out of body experience or an astral projection. It is the most sensitive of the chakras and the easiest chakra to send energy out of. Like the Heart chakra this chakra can also float off to the left or right instead of keeping in line with the other chakras.

The Solar Plexus chakra is your mental awareness, which connects you to you mind power. It is the centre that governs your ability to learn and comprehend.

This third chakra is also known to  govern your ego and your will power. It is the sun centre that emits optimism and confidence. This is where the phrase "gut instinct" comes from.

A misaligned Solar Plexus Chakra can cause problems in the  adrenals, nerve tissue, skin disorders (jaundice), liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, arthritis, hiatus hernia, diabetes, anorexia, body pH and menopausal flushing.




     The Fourth Chakra is the Heart Chakra
        Name: Anahata (Anahata means "unstruck note".)
        The Sanskrit word is:
अप्रतिहत टीका
        Location: In the centre of your chest just beside your heart
        The colour for this energy centre is green
        The sound associated with this Charka is: YAM

The Heart Chakra has 12 spokes. Although the location of the Heart Chakra should be inline with the other chakras it can float and be off-centre to the left or right of the middle line.

This chakra is very important because it is the only chakra that can transmute the high-vibration energy that comes from the upper three chakras into a form that can be used by the physical body and on the physical plane. Healers (of all forms) use this chakra to heal their patients as it is the Heart Chakra that transmutes the illness into a more dense form, which then passes through the Foot Chakra and into the earth for processing. When someone is sending you healing they send green light to you. This chakra can be the most sensitive to most people.

The term 'broken heart' refers to this chakra breaking off at the stem that connects the front part of the chakra to the back. This break causes the heart chakra to shut down causing that empty feeling we are all very much aware of.

The Fourth Chakra is your heart power station, connecting you to your emotions. it is the centre that allows you to love and give unconditionally. The heart centre governs your relationships. It is the energy centre that integrates one's physical reality to one's spiritual connection.

This chakra is one that many of us tend to keep in the 'bud' stage and don't' have it fully open so that we don't have to "deal" with emotional issues, hurt, or pain...and for some, love.

A misaligned Heart chakra can cause lung and heart problems (especially angina from over-exertion), asthma, epilepsy, fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, depression, midriff pain and claustrophobia.




     The Fifth Chakra is the Throat Chakra
        Name: Vishuddha (Vishuddha means "purification".)
        In Sanskrit the word is:
        Location:  In your throat at the Adam's apple area
        The colour for this energy centre is pale blue
        The sound associated with this chakra is: HAM

The Throat chakra has 16 spokes. Although it is predominantly blue it does have alternating blue and green sections.

The Throat chakra is your communication power station. it is the centre that handles incoming and outgoing messages. It is through this chakra that we voice our opinions and our truths.

If you have an important meeting or business deal coming up or something along those lines, or if you need to get things off your chest to someone, wear a light blue shirt or surround yourself with the light blue energy and your "communication" will be effortless and powerful.

If you have a sore throat or suffer from constant throat problems it may be because you're not "communicating" something you ought to be. a lot of us in our lives "bite our tongues" so to speak, rather than say what we need to and that can manifest itself into throat problems.

As well as throat problems a misaligned Throat chakra can cause, persistent colds or flu that take a long time to leave, tonsillitis, acute infections, vocal and communication difficulties and under active thyroid. It can also effect the sternum, and endocrines.




he Sixth Chakra is the Third Eye
        Name: Ajna (Ajna means "to perceive" or "to command".)
        In Sanskrit the word is:
        Location: The forehead, just above the bridge of the
                           nose and between the eyebrows
        The colour for this energy centre is indigo
        The sound associated with this Chakra is: OM

The Third Eye Chakra has a total of 96 spokes.

The Third Eye Chakra is your intuitive intelligence. it is the centre that taps into the universal consciousness. Through the Third Eye centre you can see things from a psychic potential.

Many people who begin to develop their psychic self may find they get a lot of headaches. The reason being you are opening up this third eye area and you are probably walking around with it wide open, which allows anything and everything to come on in, overwhelming your third eye.

Unless you are working with the third eye psychically or in meditation, etc., you should always 'switch off' this chakra. Many people do this by 'switching off' an imaginary switch at the side of their head and find  it works.

This chakra is one of the two places where your spirit can leave your body in an out of body experience or in an astral projection. A misaligned Third Eye chakra can cause memory problems, migraines, insomnia, neuralgia, high blood pressure, lumbago, sciatica, low immune system and acute sinus problems.

If you suffer from frequent headaches, taking an indigo hand towel, soaking it in cool water, lying down and placing the towel over the forehead area for a little while is a very good remedy. As the indigo energy feeds the third eye so the headache begins to go.





    The Seventh Chakra is the Crown Chakra
        Name: Sahasrara (Sahasrara means "t
   In Sanskrit, the word is :  सहस्रकृत्वः
        Location: At the top of your head

        The colour for this energy centre is violet
        There is no Mantra sound for this Chakra

The Crown chakra has a total of 960 spokes and is the most magnificent of all the chakras when it is fully awakened. It is the only chakra that possesses a secondary central whirlpool. This chakra is predominantly violet except for the central whirlpool which is similar to golden sunlight.

The Crown chakra is your spiritual connection. It is also the place where life-force enters into the chakra system. In an underdeveloped state this chakra is the same size as the others. However as it grows and opens it will encompass the entire head.  This encompassing of the entire head is where the idea of putting a halo on various deities came from. It is also the place where the tradition of a king wearing a crown comes from. The crown symbolizing the fully opened and active crown chakra, indicating that the individual was ruling with God and not just ruling with the human self. A misaligned Crown Chakra can cause self centeredness, spiritual poverty and poor reality control, as well as low energy all the time. Like the 3rd eye chakra, the crown chakra should never be left wide open, unless you are working with it.












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Nature Vortex

As we know, Chakras are
wheels of energy which spin creating a vortex.

This picture shows a
natural vortex created by
Hurricane Fran in September 1996.

A hurricane is energy and
it spins in the same way
as our Chakras do.


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