11 and 12, Then 48 & 49



11 & 12...it’s what we were, two kids young and shy,
Who fell in love....in the blink of an eye.
Years of loving, but it wasn’t to be,
That evil shyness came ‘tween you and me.
I met him, you met her, but we never forgot the way WE were.
We lived our lives so far apart,
but cupid’s arrow was still in each other’s heart


We longed for each other our whole lives through,
Me loving you and you loving me too.
48 & 49...a very long time,
After all those years at last you were mine.
A lifetime without you, belonging to another,
You became my fiancée, my friend and my lover.


Together we planned how our life would be
One day it would be...just you and me.
We longed for the day I'd become your wife
Together at last, for the rest of our life.
Things don’t always turn out the way that we hope,
Now you are gone, and it's so hard to cope.


I miss you so much; the days are so long
Why did I lose you? Did I do something wrong?
All I wanted was you, to love and to hold
Now there’s nothing left for when I get old.
The life we were to share will never be,
You are in Heaven, now there’s only me.


Life is so lonely now you aren't here
I sit alone, shedding tear after tear.
I know you are waiting,
In that land far away,
And I'll be there to join you,
And together…at last, we will be...one day.


  Pebbles 23/8/2004   ♥

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